The Macstudio™ Model Search by MicroDental Laboratories underlines MicroDental’s commitment to dentists who are passionate about beautiful, healthy smiles. MicroDental believes that Smiles Matter and constantly witness how great dentistry is able to transform people’s lives. The Macstudio Model Search celebrates the positive impact that cosmetic dentistry has on patients around the world. Every year dentists submit dozens of patients from different walks of life, and as a result, there is one Grand Prize Winner, along with Regional Winners and Honorable Recognitions.

2016 Macstudio Model Search Winners

Grand Prize Winner: Jason Benney / Dentistry by Dr. Robert Klaich
Southeast Region Winner: Candice Davis / Dentistry by Dr. Michael Engelbrecht
South Atlantic Region Winner: Karma Edwards / Dentistry by Dr. Joseph Barton
Northeast Region Winner: Carol Davis / Dentistry by Dr. Michele Rich
Miami Region Winner: Patricia Velasquez / Dentistry by Dr. Gloria Ospina
Honorable Recognition: Patricia Schalk / Dentistry by Dr. Brian Klaich
Honorable Recognition: Thomas Graves / Dentistry by Dr. Sheeba Robert

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